Tree & Shrub Care Fertilization and I.P.M.

Integrated Pest Management

Spring / Fall – Deep Root Fertilization:
● Treat all feature shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs throughout landscape, driveway and lawn perimeters with slow-release fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. Inoculate roots with mycorrhizae to help increase root development and absorption of nutrients and water

Monthly Disease and Insect Inspections:
● Inspect woody ornamental plants under 30 ft. Treat to help suppress insects, mites, nematodes, diseases and/or cultural problems as determined by monitor technician to improve health

Flea, Tick and Mosquito Perimeter Sprays:
● Perimeter applications to help suppress fleas, ticks and mosquito’s

Vapor Guard Applications:
● Apply Anti Desiccant to plantings to help sustain their health throughout frigid winter months


Winter Month Treatments

Treat all feature deciduous shade and ornamental trees located within the property perimeter to help suppress winter moth / caterpillars

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